Cover Illyana
Gender Female
Hair Brown with blonde extensions
Age 19
Occupation Unknown
Relations Zita- mother (Deceased)

John Miguel- brother (Deceased) Ana Margarida- sister (Deceased)

First Appearence "Days Gone Bye"
Last Appearence "Vatos" (alive), "Wildfire" (Zombified)
Death episode Vatos
Death Bitten by walker shot by Paquete in the head
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Days Gone Bye" to Wildfire
"She's my mother, you son of a bitch!"
—Illyana yelling at Paquete over Zita.

Illyana is a minor protagonist and survivor of the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead.


Illyana had a tough relationship with her mother, wich caused her to leave her mother's house to live with a friend in a flat. In the day of the outbreak, Illyana was visiting her mother when they heard about it. They both went to school to get Ana and Miguel. They end up being evacuated by the military, along with the students.


Season 1Edit

"Days Gone Bye"Edit

Illyana hears Daniel's voice over the radio and attempts to respond to his calls, though the transmission does not go through to his end.


Illyana is seen hanging laundry, while Cassandra frets over the whereabouts of the group.

When Illyana's group receives a call about Zita and her group under distress in Atlanta, she declares that they need to assist them, but Paquete objects, saying that it may be too late. Illyana becomes angry, yelling that Zita and the others volunteered on behalf of everyone to get supplies.

"Tell It to the Frogs"Edit

When Zita's group returns from the city, she and her family reunite by sharing a big embrace, hugging. Later, while doing laundry at the quarry with Johanne, Ruth, and Sophia, she and the girls share what they miss most, hers being her vibrator.


Illyana is on the lake fishing with her brother, and the two share their experiences fishing with their dad, sharing how he raised them differently according to their feelings and character. She and Miguel return to camp with a whole string of fish, but their excitement is interrupted as Fábio explains the situation with Tiago. She witnesses the confrontation of Tiago as he digs strange holes on the hillside. After Zita tells the group the story of how Illyana's father died, the camp goes silent, until Illyana breaks it saying, "You are so depressing". The group bursts out in laughter. During the feast, Illyana excuses herself to go use the RV's bathroom. When she exits the door, she is accosted by a walker that rips open her arm. The camp is swarmed and multiple struggles ensue. After her initial wound, Illyana is again bitten, this time losing a large chunk of her neck. She dies in Zita's arms which leaves Zita heartbroken and suicidal.


Illyana lies dead in Zita's arms all night until morning, when she wakes up as a zombie and reaches up for Zita, somewhat pulling her hair. Illyana sits up and tries to bite Zita's neck. Zita just stays still, crying, accepting her own death, but Paquete shoots Illyana before she gets Zita. She is later buried during the funeral for the fallen campers.

Season 3Edit

"Walk With Me"Edit

Illyana is mentioned by Johanne while she was listing all of the people from the Atlanta group that had died to Marcelino.


Killed ByEdit

  • Walkers

During the night after supper, Amy was using the Camp' RV bathroom. She exited the trailer to ask where the toilet paper was when a walker came from behind and bit her on her arm and neck. She died from trauma and severe blood loss while slowly becoming a walker.

Zita continued to hold Illyana's body, and when a reanimated Illyana woke up, she tried to attack Zita. Zita was going to let Illyana kill her, but Paquete shot her in the head.



"I'm sorry for being such a horrible mother, you three deserved better. I should have died in your place."
—Zita, mourning near Illyana's body.

Illyana and Zita had a tough relationship before and after the apocalypse. However, they seemed to have settled things during the outbreak and started to worry for each other. Illyana was worried about Zita while she was stuck in Atlanta. When Zita arrived back at the Atlanta camp, Illyana and her siblings were overjoyed and they all ran to Zita. When the Atlanta camp is overrun and Illyana is killed, Zita fell to the ground crying. Daniel tried to talk Zita into putting down Illyana, but she pointed a knife at him, showing she would kill to protect her daughter. When Cassandra walked up to Zita, she told her about a fight she had with Illyana that made Illyana leave home and how guilty she had felt. When Illyana came back as a walker, Zita looked her in the eyes and said she loved her and she was sorry. Zita prepares to die but Paquete shot her, putting her out of her misery. Later, Zita  commited suicide by staying at the CDC, not wanting to end up like Illyana and Miguel.


Johanne and Illyana seemed to get along well. They were usually seen together, doing laundry and other types of chores, along with Sophia and Ruth.

Ana MargaridaEdit

Ana and Illyana seemed to have a normal sister relationship. Ana was clearly devastated when Illyana died, but she was more worried with her brother who had been bitten, since he was still alive and could still be saved, unlike Illyana.

John MiguelEdit

Miguel and Illyana had a normal brother-sister relationship. When Illyana was killed, Miguel was to concerned about his bite that he didn't even had time to mourn for his sister.


TV SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 3Edit


  • It was stated in "Guts" by Zita that Illyana is still such a kid in some ways, still liking things such as Dragons, Unicorns, and especially Mermaids.
    • It was also revealed that Illyana is 19.
  • Illyana states that the things she misses most during the zombie apocalypse is her vibrator.
  • Illyana is the only recurring character to have a promotional poster in Season 1.
    • On the promotion posters Illyana is shown holding a baseball bat as a weapon but in the show she isn't seen with any weapon.
  • Illyana is the first female character to be killed on-screen.
  • Illyana, Zita, Miguel and Ana make up the first family to be wiped out entirely on-screen over the course of the series.
    • With the exception of Illyana's father, who never appeared in the series.
  • Illyana's personality was basically based on Amy.
  • Illyana has some minor differences from Amy.
    • Amy was 24, while Illyana is 19.
    • Instead of Illyana, Cassandra was the one who complained about the group's not being back to the camp, while Illyana is only seen in the background doing laundry (filling a part of Lori's role)