Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Presumably 16
Occupation Student
Relations Younger Sister (Deceased)

Mother (Unknown)

Father (Unknown)

First Appearence "Guts"
Last Appearence "Vatos" (Alive) "Wildfire" (Dead)
Death Episode Vatos
Death Devoured by Walkers, stabbed in the head with a pick-axe by Paquete
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Guts" to Vatos
"Back in a minute."
—Tiago's last words.

Tiago is a minor character and survivor of the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead. He made his first appearance in "Guts". Tiago worked as the mechanic of the Atlanta Camp.


Tiago was one of the several students abandoned by the military after being evacuated from his highschool. He later joins or forms a group near Atlanta.

Tiago's father was a mechanic and his mother was a farmer. He also had a younger sister, who attended the same school as Bruno and Ana, that died after being evacuated from the school and left behind by the military.


Season 1Edit


Tiago can be seen trying to fix the RV's engine with Kiko, and later standing by during conversations with other characters.

"Tell It to the Frogs"Edit

When Gonçalo arrives back to the camp with his red sports car, alarm blazing, Tiago quickly deactivates the loud noise by pulling a wire under the hood. When Johanne and the others find a walker, he's one of the guys who runs to kill it.


Due to a dream he cannot remember or understand, Tiago starts digging holes on the hillside. Tiago tries to have everyone go away, stating that he's not bothering or hurting anyone so they should leave him alone. As Sophia approaches Tiago, Tiago becomes hostile and is restrained by Caramelo and Fábio.

Tiago is tied up to a tree for a few hours and he calms down as Caramelo explains their reason for tying him up. Tiago apologizes to Ana and Bruno for scaring them. When asked why he was digging, he replies that he honestly didn't know. Later that night, Tiago during the fish feast, he goes to his tent to get a bottle of water, a walker appears behind him and bites him in the neck, while more walkers swarm in.


Tiago's body was laid out with the other dead campers. Paquete stabbed him in the head with a pick-axe. He is then buried on the hillside along with Illyana and the others.

Season 3Edit

"Walk With Me"Edit

Tiago is mentioned by Johanne when she was listing all of the people from the Atlanta Group that had died to Marcelino.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"Edit

Tiago is mentioned by Caramelo while being interrogated by Marcelino. Caramelo was trying to threaten Marcelino by lying about Tiago being alive. Caramelo then makes the mistake of saying Johanne is alive and with the group, Marcelino then smirks.


Killed ByEdit

  • Walkers (Alive)

During the fish fest, Tiago went to his tent to get a bottle of water. When the Walkers approached the survivors' camp, one Walker appears behind him and bites him on the neck before he could cry for help. He died instantly, before being completely devoured by Walkers.

Ensuring that Tiago doesn't reanimate as a Walker, the survivors laid him on the ground and Paquete destroied his brain with a pick-axe.



"You understand why we had to tie you up, don't you?"
—Caramelo to Tiago.

Tiago and Caramelo seemed to get along well. Their relationship was not explored more before Tiago's death.


"Good work."
—Tiago to Kiko while fixing the RV.

Tiago and Kiko seemed to be friends as they were often seen fixing the RV together. Their relationship was not explored more before both of their deaths.


Fábio and Tiago might have been friends. Fábio tries to stab Tiago in the head, to prevent reanimation, but he's not able to do it and Paquete does it instead.


Season 1Edit

Season 3Edit

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Jim has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies.


  • Tiago was initially scripted to appear for the first time in the farm, along with Kiko, and Alexis would be with the group in Atlanta, being killed off in Tiago's place. However, the producers decided that it would be better to allow Alexis live and decided to kill Tiago instead.
    • Also, the Greene family wasn't meant to appear and Tiago would die in Otis' place. This idea was also discarded.
  • Tiago's personality is based on Jim, even though he's death was different, dying like Ed Peletier.
  • Tiago has some diferences from his real Tv Series' counterpart.
    • Although Jim lost all his family, Tiago only mentions his younger sister.
    • Jim's actor is a Guest Star, while Tiago is only a Co-Star.
    • Jim survived longer than Tiago.
      • Tiago died during the zombie attack to the camp, while Jim turned into a walker and was left behind by the group.